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For more up-to-date Holiday Lights:

SEE Holiday Lights, Seattle Area.


This document is left here for reference.




Holiday Lights Links, Seattle Area, 2000-1996

Articles that contain lists of lights displays
(and a few articles that don't)

There are some lights displays listed below.
However, the Seattle Times article links are all broken.

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Sorry that I have not updated this much for 2000.  :-(  Maybe within the next few days.  (Some displays go through New Years.)

But don't despair.  Lots of light displays are the same, or similar, from year to year.  Please enjoy the lights listed.

If you want to actually read articles, or find longer lists of houses and displays near your area, search the Seattle Times for this year and previous years.  I have not added any articles for 2000.  This may (or may not) be my last update before Christmas or "New Years".


MY REVIEWS - just a few!  (from 1999 and before)

My favorite, large-scale, "local" displays in 1998-1999 were:

Some other displays from 1998-1999:


SOME DISPLAYS I'D LIKE TO SEE (if still running this year; info. from 1999/1998):


Some are reviewed by me.  1998 document   (Same link as from above.)


Links broken.  1999 document   All links are broken, but the article titles may help you find articles in the Seattle Times and Bellevue papers. This document from 11/1999-1/2000 is unchanged.   (When I put just the links I didn't think that they would change their whole Web site and thus crash all the links!)

Let lights be a reminder and an encouragement, for YHWH is Light!

Have a great holiday and "Millennium" New Years!

halleluYah!  EnJoy!

In Messiah, Stephen DeVore, Seattle, WA, 12/23/2000.

Praise Yah!

Copyright 2000-1999 Stephen DeVore, Seattle, WA.
All rights reserved.


Copyright 2000-1999 Stephen DeVore, Seattle, WA. All rights reserved.

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