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What we do at

Audio, MIDI, Multimedia, and Music
Audio editing, mixing, and recording using ProTools | 24 software, on the Mackie HUI™ controller
Audio DAT
Burning CD-Rs
Internet audio
(Examples not yet available online.) MIDI composition, Music composition, Songwriting, etc.
MIDI Sequencing using either Cakewalk or Digital Performer
ProTools | 24 (basic)
Small-scale digital-multitrack audio recordings (currently in a small one-room environment)
Vocals (baritone)

Basic Web page design
Each page can include:
Specialized basic page layouts,
Your text,
Simple HTML,
Web graphics (bullets, backgrounds, banners, clipart, and stock pictures), and
Streaming audio if you want it.

Instruction/Lessons - basics only

Computer Lessons - basics
How to buy a computer (Mac and PC).
How to use a computer (PC and Mac).
Learning Business Applications: Publishing, Spreadsheets, Word processing.
Learning Music Applications: Digital audio, Editing, MIDI, ProTools, Sequencing.

Music and Audio Lessons - basics only
How to make a CD-R.
How to make a DAT.
How to record and mix.
How to use a Mic and Mixer.
How to use a MIDI device for making music.
Piano - beginners only.
Singing evaluation (not technique instruction).
When you're ready to put out a CD.


Web page examples!

Web Site Design Examples
Limited examples for now.


Music examples!

sadsongs™'s producer's compositions
(Not available yet.)
The producer at sadsongs has been composing for nearly 25 years, and has nearly 50 hours of music recorded but as yet unreleased.  It is his hope that a CD (or CDs), and music online, will be available in late 2000.
(There WAS one s-l-o-w WAV file for a while, but just for the fun of it, and it is ©Copyright 1999.)


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Periodicals - Computer, Audio, and Video Magazines and Catalogs  (Not recently updated.)
    Updated sporadically.  Previously called Audio Library.

Microphone List Table  (Two lists of microphones, etc.)
    Of the two lists in this document, one is mikes I've bought, the other mics I've considered.
    As of 10/14 this is over 150KB and approximately 80 pages long online (maybe half that as a Word document).
    Updated recently.

    Hit Counter
    Since 10/17/1999.

Web Audio Books  (Out of date; may not be particularly useful.)
    List found through search on on 2/2/1999.
    Out of date.

Pretend Web Sites
    Just a bunch of silly names, no actual sites!
    No updates.


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