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All text, designs, files - everything - 1999, 1998, 1997
Just because it says 1999 doesn't mean it's been updated.

Business designs
Angyla's Landscaping
Barbara's Real Estate
Bear's Animal-free Software
Dad's Karate-dance Instruction
Dan's Electrical
J. Michayl's Accounting
Joe's Bar & Grill
Josephine's Elementary Education
Oanh's Place
Patty's Beautiful House Fund  (To make $ contributions, send to 4509 Interlake Ave N, Ste. 127, Seattle, WA 98103.  Seriously.  Then maybe she'll stop playing the Lottery.)
Stephen's pipedream
USSSA, Washington State (Somebody actually did something!)

Personal designs
Anton grows up 5
Grandma in Oz
Stephen's ideas on Life, Existence, and less than everything
Zach grows up 4


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