Run, Titus, Run!

by Stephen DeVore, Seattle, WA, USA.

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QUESTION: What is this song about?

Just silly words in order, I suppose, to remember the tune that goes along with it. No particular meaning.

QUESTION: Is the running dog a picture of Titus running?

No. The running dog is not even video, but an animated GIF file, which I think came from a copy of MS Publisher 98 that I own or owned. Actually, I think the animated running dog somewhat 'inspired' me to sing the tune.

QUESTION: May I hear it?

If you have been invited to this page, then Yes. WHEN DOWNLOADING/PLAYING, I suggest you download the file to your hard drive FIRST.

Run, Titus, Run! -- a 340KB file.

QUESTION: The audio quality sounds pretty low. How was the audio done?

True. The audio quality is pretty low. I'm not certain why.

The detailed recording story is not really very interesting, but if you really want to try to figure out why, here are the Tech notes. (Some notes written in 1999; others updated 2006.)


2006 Note: In 1999 or so, I wrote that I recorded the tune with a microphone that came with a PowerMac 9500. BUT, since then, for some reason I thought I had used a pair of headphones as a microphone! And I thought that I recorded it into a PC not a Mac. (I guess the headphones recording 'must' have been something else. I probably knew better in 1999 how I recorded this, but whatever!)

No levels were set by me.

Recording process

Two computers and 7 hard drives were running when I recorded it at a distance of about 24" at about talking volume.

Recording software

SoundBuilder 2.0.3 for Macintosh (Copyrighted Freeware) Default recording time was 5 seconds. Had to change that in it Preferences AND at the Finder level doing Get Info. I also changed the sampling rate from 11KHz to 44.1KHz. (2006 note: Really? What IS that horrible noise then? I have no idea. IF it had been recorded at 11KHz, I'd probably blame it on that. It's hard to imagine that the noise came from the microphone. Why am I wasting my time speculating!? Yikes. And, really, don't bother reading further; it's not very interesting.)

I changed the Preferences to 60 seconds and the Get Info Preferred size to 3MB.

The file was a Mac SND file, so I converted it to Windows WAV.

Converting software

SoundApp Drag & Drop Application. Version 1.5.1

I told SoundApp to convert it to WAVE. I then had to rename the file from the Finder, and I chose RUNTITUS.WAV because it was 8 characters for the file name, and .WAV for Windows to recognize it as a Wave file.

Getting it to Windows

Floppy. Barely enough room on a 1.44MB disk. The 1.24MB WAV file is 28-29 seconds long.

Finally, streaming audio??

I never did get this to stream. Well, maybe it did on my computer. But oh well, it can at least be downloaded.

Fun, huh?

All HTML on this page was typed in by hand.

One of these days, if YHWH wills and I live, I plan to have my compositions online for preview and/or sale.

COPYRIGHT always & all ways, & © 2006, & 1999 by Stephen DeVore, Seattle, WA.
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