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Last updated 1/9/2000.
Previously 1/7/2000, 7/11/1999.


Why "sadsongs"?

Simple.  The word "sadsongs" comes from the initials of the founder, "s.a.d.," plus the word "songs."

This answers one of the questions people most frequently ask when they first hear about us!


Plans for Web site, studio, and songwriting

There are so many plans in the works right now (moving, etc.) that we will be unavailable for some time.  Late in 2000, we may be able to help you again.   Please CALL for Fall or Winter plans.

In addition, this Web site is not under serious construction at this time.

If YHWH wills and we live,

Current studio and music plans:

2000 (updated 1/9/2000)

2001  (updated 1/9/2000)


If we find a suitable location for a larger studio, we plan to offer more complete services:


Previous plans (updated either 7/11/1999 or before; left here for reference only):


Please bookmark us.  Thank you.  HalleluYah!   Praise Yah!


About the sadsongs™ founder

Son of Yah,
Audio Engineer,
Producer, and
Web Site Designer,

"sad" was dead in his sins until he had a Spiritual experience in 1980.

He is interested in YHWH, Love, Truth, Scripture, people, music, computers, trends in technology, and lots of fun, spontaneous activities.

His background is both artistic and technical in nature.  He has a degree in Audio, one in MIDI, mulitple certificates in audio, and Computer Lab job-experience on both PCs and Macs.

More services he offers

Biblical writings
Free to read. But must obtain permission to copy or distribute.

Computer consulting
"How to buy a computer" (Mac and PC)
"How to use a computer" (PC and Mac)

Project studio consulting
Basics of setting up a project studio for recording.


About Others

"Bear" had a Spiritual experience in 1981.  He is interested in Scripture and Computers, and has worked at a major software company since 1984.  By YHWH's mercy and charis, he has contributed significant funding to the setup of a project recording studio.

"J" is a neighbor and helper from time to time.

"Mom" is, well, a mom.  And she may yet work on multimedia-database design and data entry (possibly Summer 2000).


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How to reach us

PMB 127
4509 Interlake Ave N
Seattle, WA 98103

V. 206-548-9371

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