I took a class

Edited only in Notepad.

I took a class in the basics of HTML. I thought that it would be an interesting tidbit from my history to include nearly all of the code I did in class. All code was written by hand. (No automatic formatting in these pages!)

So then, combined into this one page here are those pages I did in class, here divided into sections. Please note that the graphics have been changed to ones which I legally may use (to keep things as legal as possible), and also that all the text we used in class is probably copyrighted by someone as well. Please, therefore, do not copy it. Thank you.

If you want to view the actual HTML code, in Internet Explorer do View, Source. (I don't know how to do it in other browsers.)

Sections (links within this page):

  1. One of the fancier pages I made that day:
    "Who We Are"
  2. Another of the fancier pages:
    "MainLine Movies & Memorabilia, Inc." This shows, among other things, how to insert graphics and combined lists.
  3. Other pages:
    "Graphics and Lists." This just lists types of lists and hyperlinks.
  4. One of the first pages we Copy/Pasted/formatted:
    Headers and normal body text, plus a link to a nearly identical page.

One of the fancier pages I made that day:

Who We Are

MainLine Movies & Memorabilia is a mail order video and movie poster company that specializes in videos, movie posters, and publicity pictures of movies made between 1930 to 1970. We also sell goodies like posters, old radio shows, scripts, calendars, glossies, film books, and autographs relating to the same 1930 to 1970 period.

Based out of the warehouse district in Sacramento, we own no stores and have been doing business with eager film enthusiasts strictly by mail since 1984. This allows us to give our customers impressive discounts over any retail location.

We have over 40,000 titles in our database. If your movie is not in stock, we can special order it for you. If you're looking for a hard-to-find video, we can find it for you.

Principle 1

"We believe in doing what is right for each and every customer" Our sales and customer service staff are trained to be competent as well as courteous.

Principle 2

"We offer the best quality products of any online store on the Web" We work closely with manufacturers to help improve their product whenever posssible, to reduce their price.

Principle 3

"90% of in-stock items are shipped within 24 hours" This allows us to have your order enroute within one working day of receiving your order.

Principle 4

"Satisfaction Guaranteed" Everything you buy from us comes with a return privilege. You'll be 100% satisfied or we'll make it right - with a refund, credit, exchange or replacement.

	 Title		         Type    Starring	       SRP   Price

Adventures of Robin Hood, The   Adventure Errol Flynn         $29.99  $19.88
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes   Mystery   Basil Rathbone      $19.99  $14.99
African Queen                   Romance   Humphrey Bogart     $17.50  $11.99
Aliens                          Sci-Fi    Sigourney Weaver    $24.50  $18.50
Bedtime for Bonzo               Comedy    Ronald Reagan       $19.99  $14.99
Bees, The                       Drama     John Saxon          $17.50  $11.99
Bells of St. Mary, The          Drama     Ingrid Bergman      $29.99  $19.88
Black Widow                     Drama     Debra Winger        $25.00  $20.00
Blacula                         Horror    William Marshall    $24.50  $18.50
Blade Runner                    Sci-Fi    Harrison Ford       $25.00  $20.00
Casino Royale                   Comedy    Peter Sellers       $17.50  $11.99
Chances Are                     Comedy    Robert Downey Jr.   $19.99  $14.99
Children of a Lesser God        Drama     Marlee Matlin       $25.00  $20.00
Conspiracy of Hearts            Drama     Lilli Palmer        $19.99  $14.99
Desire Under the Elms           Drama     Sophia Loren        $24.50  $18.50
Doc Hollywood                   Comedy    Michael J. Fox      $25.00  $20.00
Flesh and Blood                 Adventure Rutger Hauer        $19.99  $14.99
Forbidden Planet                Sci-Fi    Leslie Nelson       $17.50  $11.99
Front Page, The                 Comedy    Walter Matthau      $24.50  $18.50
Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison       Drama     Deborah Kerr        $19.99  $14.99
Hook                            Comedy    Robin Williams      $17.50  $11.99
Hope and Glory                  Drama     Sarah Miles         $29.99  $19.88
Julius Caesar                   Drama     James Mason         $25.00  $20.00
Ladyhawke                       Romance   Rutger Hauer        $17.50  $11.99
Local Hero                      Drama     Burt Lancaster      $25.00  $20.00
Lord Jim                        Drama     Peter O'Toole       $29.99  $19.88
Magnificent Seven, The          Western   Steve McQueen       $17.50  $11.99
Man Who Shot Liberty Valance    Western   John Wayne          $25.00  $20.00
Man Who Would Be King, The      Drama     Sean Connery        $19.99  $14.99
Mary of Scotland                Drama     Katherine Hepburn   $25.00  $20.00
My Beautiful Laundrette         Drama     Daniel Day-Lewis    $17.50  $11.99
My Bloody Valentine             Horror    Paul Kelman         $29.99  $19.88
My Cousin Vinny                 Comedy    Joe Pesci           $24.50  $18.50
My Favorite Year                Comedy    Peter O'Toole       $17.50  $11.99
My Left Foot                    Drama     Daniel Day-Lewis    $17.50  $11.99
Night of the Iguana             Drama     Richard Burton      $24.50  $18.50
Rio Grande                      Western   John Wayne          $25.00  $20.00
Sayonara                        Romance   Marlin Brando       $29.99  $19.88
Stealing Heaven                 Romance   Derek de Lint       $25.00  $20.00
Superman                        Adventure Christopher Reeves  $19.99  $14.99
Thief                           Drama     James Caan          $19.99  $14.99
Twelve Angry Men                Drama     Henry Fonda         $17.50  $11.99
Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf?  Drama     Elizabeth Taylor    $24.50  $18.50
Working Girl                    Comedy    Melaine Griffith    $29.99  $19.88

What does address do?

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Another of the fancier pages:

(HEAD and TITLE went here, and TITLE said: Stephen's first hypertext-linked web page)

(BODY went here.)
(PS Check out some of the code for this page!)

    This does nothing.

MainLine Movies & Memorabilia, Inc.

Humphrey Bogart Movie Summary

The Maltese Falcon
Outstanding detective drama.
Rick's Place

Combined lists

  1. MGM Musicals
    Genre Stars
  2. Film Noir
    Genre Stars

If you are bored with movies, how about news?
C N N (Don't click on it!)

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Other pages:

(This page's TITLE was called "Template.")

Graphics and Lists


  1. Links within a Page
  2. Links to Related Pages
  3. Links to Outside Pages
  4. Hypermedia Links
  5. How to Submit to Web
    1. Get files ready, and checked out in Netscape and IE (older & newer).
      1. Do what you must do...
      2. Pray

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One of the first pages we Copy/Pasted/formatted:

Header H6 looks like this. I am allowed 6 different types of headers from H1 to H6.
Header H5 looks like this.

Header H4 looks like this.

Header H3 looks like this.

Header H2 looks like this.

Header H1 looks like this.

This is normal Body text.

HR does a hard return and adds a line on screen as above this sentence.
BR does a hard return--single spaced--with no line on screen.

P does a paragraph break--a double spaced break. (There is a P above this sentence and another one below.)

The Source Code for this page contains Tabs. As you can see, however, using Tabs in the code does nothing to the actual display on the web page.

Link to a page that looks almost the same as the Headers above.
Don't bother clicking on it.

Headers page.

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For the most part, that's all we wrote.

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